Project pink flower costume

There was a very pretty Egyptian costume on bhuz a while back, pink shimmery lycra with huge bright flowers. That idea got stuck in my head, because Iw ant to make something like that for myself. The initial idea:

-sleek fuchsia lycra mermaid skirt with back gusset and bra covered in fabric.
-decoration: huge fake flowers with feathers/glitter. Shiny Swarovski crystals in scatter patterns on the bra/skirt, gold beeded fringe hanging from the flowers for movement.
– accesoires: headband, handthingie and upper arm sleeve.

here’s a quick sketch: (yay for Pixlr!)

The lycra is already in my posession and I bought the flowers on eBay this weekend:

haven’t decided on the swarovski beads yet, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Goal is to create the skirt and bra in june, finish the cossie up in july and wear it in september/october.


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