Red fringe costume part 2- Belt back

Not much extra time off last week or this week, but I managed to bead the back piece of the belt almost completly. I made the back piece larger then the front on purpose. This is the stage that ‘m starting to loose some of my enthousiasm fo beading. I force myself to bead at least one row every day, so there will be some kind of progress. Here’s a photoshopped picture of what it would look like with the medallions added:

I want to add more square beaded medallions, inbetween the ones already there, maybe edge them with strass too and add pieces of silver beaded fringe to the bottom of the medallions. I’ll get back to that later, first I’ll add the fringe and continue on the front of the belt. Small adjustments are easier to make once the beading is done, at least it feels that way to me. Stuff that I watched while beading the belt: “Save the last dance’, several episodes of the X-men animated series and reruns of ATWT.Henry is kidnapped, Katie is going undercover to find him and tries to get close to creep BJ (who obviously is a psychopath). The plot thickens around Gwen’s baby that isn’t hers.


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