Red fringe costume part 1- Bra

I had some extra time to work on the red costume last week because I had to work this weekend. SOmehow I get more done on weekdays then in the weekend. Questions about fit and design are included Anyway,

My initial idea was to place rhinestones along the edge, then a second row of crystals underneath, then fringe. It would look something like this:

However, after beading one cup and pinning all the elements on, I decided I didn’t like the second row of crystals because it would lower the fringe and create the illusion of droopy boobs, as oposed to perky boobs, which was the original plan. I removed the row of crystals from the design and placed the fringe right underneath the rhinestones.

Question 1: would you have included the square crystals?

So here are some pictures of the nearly finished bra. Left without paddding, right with padding. BTW, the fringe on the sides will be shorter. You can see that I already started on shortening it on the side by removing beads and reknotting the thread.

Question 2: What do you like best: with or without padding?

After refitting the bra I decided that I would probably raise the edge of the bra cups by adding extra fbric. The centerpiece of the bra will be made of a sqaure ebaded medallion with a crystal in the middle. See picture below.

Question 3: do you think changing the bra like this would improve the design?

I think I’ll continue with the back of the belt next. Sofar I realise that this set lacks a distinctive ‘personal design’ trademark. I might as well buy one of those cheap egyptian sets and jazz it up with rhinestones and it would be the same look. However, I hate the Egyptian bra cups, I want more rhinestones and every dancer needs a red costume anyway (or two red costumes). While working on this costume I start to realise why I want a fringy red cabaret set. I’ll save the detaied story for when it’s finished. I’m thinking of a way to include the square rhinestones in the bra design by adding more beaded medallions on the bra.

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