Costume project: red fringe costume

I made a belt base insipred on the great loop-shape. However, I decided to exeggerate the shape because a) this is not a red loop copy and b) strong shapes work well on stage. I have to say that I started with a red loop in mind but changed the design as I went along. Things I kept is that the decoration is going to be in strass stones and red sequins and the general belt shape.

The belt looks a bit too large for my taste, but it’s going to look a lot smaller once its finished. There’s going to be a row of 8 inch beaded fringe app. 2 inches from the top, mimicking the beltline. I wanted to add more fringe to the bottom of the belt, but I’m not sure after arranging it in front of me wether it would be too much. We’ll see.

I also include some views of the belt base fitting. I’m rather pleased with the cupped butt shape.


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