Costuming update

I’v been very busy with costuming the last few days. I made 5 veils (really fast and easy) and a mermaid skirt from heavy forest green velvet. I had this fabric since the start of december, but was a bit afraid of starting this project.

I made a mermaid skirt, with two front slits. The waist/hip is reinforced with cotton fabric so it doesn’t stretch, and I made it assymetrical with a light dip on the right hip. I’ll post pictures later to make things clearer. It turned out well, even the zipper in the back. I’m free-wheeling on the beading pattern right now, I put the skirt flat on the ground and am working with a white thread creating a nice pattern with curls. Hey, it doesn’t have to be symmetrical, why not go crazy when it comes to the beading?

I’m going to use gold beading, perhaps some rhinestones inbetween. I want the complete edge of the skirt covered in beading. Ambitious? yes. Impossible? no.

I’ll muse over the bra later, I want it to be a strapless bra (like the one Jillina wears in one of er instruction dvd’s, the brown bra) with a strap running from the middel of the bra to the back. So not completely strapless, but the bra should provide all the support by itself.

I also transformed a bodystocking from the second hand store into a bellydance practice top. Cut of the lower part, sewed a casing on the bottom and added elastic. Easy does it


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